Last Update:

Hi there an thank you for dropping in

I’ve been thinking for a long time about what I’m going to write on this blog, which language I will use etc.

Honestly, I´ve seen enough bloggers writing in their niches and who are committed to a topic. Nope! That´s not what this is about.

I like to write, as it comes to my mind. A blog just in the original sense, a public accessible journal about things that interests me privately. Things that inspire me. Thoughts I like to share. Projects I love to talk about etc.

And of course: some cute photos of my dog I like to share with you ;-)

By the way…

The native languages of my family and friends are: German, Albanian, English, French, Italian, Croatian and Swedish. A lot of languages… but I guess that they should all have English in common.

If you like to come closer and to have a look inside: welcome!

Feel free to comment my posts and to connect with me on social networks.

See you around…