Berry Sheqerolli Social Engagements

When my parents started to teach the German language to migrant children voluntarily in the 1980s, I already knew that nothing was taken for granted in life. At the time there were no big political measures for the integration of guest workers or immigrants and their children. My parents taught the basics of German language and German culture. I was deeply impressed by this commitment because my parents were both working, had two children of their own and still found the time to get involved socially.

When I was a little older and completed my ‘A’ levels in 1995, there was still compulsory military service in Germany. That meant: Either a young man went to the German Armed Forces for a year or more and played war – or helped other people in community service. My choice fell on the subsequent community service, because I use(d) weapons only on stage or in the film, but not in real life.

Community service has shown me another side of society that is less of a consideration at a young age: aging with its concomitants and diseases or disabilities that people can meet at any time.

During the 15 months of my service in the cities of Leverkusen and Munich I gained experience in the care of the elderly and disabled and met people of all ages and social backgrounds. It changed my view of life totally and made me more sensitive to the more serious issues of life.

At the time, I could not imagine working in the main job in social work because I pursued different goals for my professional life. But I knew that in the future I would continue to be involved in the social sphere: as a volunteer or financial supporter.

In the course of time, I helped, among others, the Münchner Tafel as a volunteer and as a donator. My other volunteer engagements today also include assignments in youth social work at elementary schools in the Munich district and the financial support of further projects and facilities.

Berry Sheqerolli as Volunteer at Münchner Tafel

I believe that we should help our fellow human beings of all backgrounds, animals and nature if we are physically fit or financially capable of doing so. My motivation is simple: it’s about karma and about preserving and improving this planet for future generations.

I know that I’m just a drop in the bucket – But many of us can make a difference. It’s our planet, it’s our home. Let’s go for it!

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