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Hi There and Welcome to my personal Website.

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If you are here for the first time and if you don’t know anything about me, here’s a short introduction:

My name is

Egberamin “Berry” Sheqerolli

and I was born in 1975 in Leverkusen (Germany).

Professionally, I´m the founder and CEO of the digital marketing agency INMINGA and I help people through my seminars and coaching.

I live with my family and my dog in Munich (Bavaria, Germany), dedicate myself to Social Projects and I’m also committed into side projects in the field of Art.

As my exotic name suggests, I’m not really a German. My parents are originally from Kosovo. My roots are Albanian. By the way – Kosovo and Albania are really nice countries with open hearted people. Lovely! Get both countries on your bucket list. You’ll love it!

What else is worth mentioning?! I love nature, healthy food and to explore new places.

So what’s awaiting you here?!

Insights into my professional career and personal life.

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Berry Sheqerolli Professional Background

Berry Sheqerolli München INMINGA

When I think back, I smile, because my career was not necessarily the straightest.

Everything that I am in Business now I have learned “from scratch”, made by “Learning by Doing” or achieved by the “jump into the cold water” strategy.

But I’ll start from the beginning, after the time of kindergarten, elementary school and high school. Nearly! Because it all started in my school days:

Join me on a journey through time

1991-1995 Radio, Event Management, Marketing

During my school years I hosted a youth show on the local radio and founded his first business in event management at the age of 18 in 1993.

I held national hip hop concerts and techno events and promoted them via radio and advertising in print media.

1996-1998 Business, Sales & Marketing

After completing my ‘A’ levels (Fachhochschulreife) at the grammar school (Gymnasium) and the subsequent community service, I moved from Dusseldorf to my new hometown Munich.

I worked weekends at my own events and weekdays as an intern, then as a sales clerk and later after as a sales and marketing assistant, before I decided to start a rock-solid commercial training as an industrial management assistant.

1999-2005 Business Administration Studies, Web Design and Online Marketing

During my commercial training, I still held electronic music events with my team.

In 1999 the first websites for events followed and in 2000 I launched my first online promotion for a major event in Berlin.

After completing my training in 2001, I increasingly concentrated on my commercial career, worked in sales and key account management, and furthered my knowledge in web design and online marketing.

In the meantime I studied business administration and marketing in Munich for several semesters, then abandoned my studies and also finished my activity in event management and henceforth focused on sales and online marketing.

2006-2007 Foundation of the online marketing agency INMINGA

In 2006, I founded an online marketing agency (predecessor of INMINGA) as a single contractor specialising in search engine marketing, web design and email marketing.

Initially for my own affiliated projects, then the first business customers followed shortly thereafter.

In 2007 I then received an offer to work for a global technology company in sales where I could obtain international experience.

2008–2015 Career in startups and global companies

Between 2008 and 2009, parallel to his my online marketing agency (today: INMINGA), I worked in the areas of sales and search engine marketing for an American online marketing group.

From 2009 to 2010, as head of sales, I expanded the B2B and online marketing sales for a Hamburg-based startup, and initiated to develop a successful iPhone app.

Afterwards from 2011 to 2012, I developed the Munich location for a Berlin online marketing startup and then added services in the field of display marketing and retargeting to my own online marketing agency.

In 2012 I was acquired by a further American NASDAQ group as senior online marketing consultant with a focus on Google search engine advertising. I also developed a SEO product for that company to market maturity between 2012 and 2015 and advised major clients and SMEs in various issues concerning online marketing.

2015 Renaming of the online marketing startup into INMINGA

In the summer of 2015 I renamed my online marketing company into INMINGA, with the objective of creating a transparent and fast acting online marketing agency, which could satisfy the most important digital needs of companies and could also be active worldwide through international partnerships.

This was the initial start of my first corporation. The beginning of working without double floor and with 100% responsibility for each step.


Today I support business customers with my company INMINGA in various fields of online marketing and I pass on my experience in seminars to people in different countries.

Berry Sheqerolli Business Timeline

since 2015
Entrepreneur & Coach

since 2006
Online Marketing Professional & Consultant

since 1999
Webdesigner & Online Marketer

Business Administration & Sales

Event Management & Marketing





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Berry Sheqerolli Social Engagements

When my parents started to teach the German language to migrant children voluntarily in the 1980s, I already knew that nothing was taken for granted in life. At the time there were no big political measures for the integration of guest workers or immigrants and their children. My parents taught the basics of German language and German culture. I was deeply impressed by this commitment because my parents were both working, had two children of their own and still found the time to get involved socially.

When I was a little older and completed my ‘A’ levels in 1995, there was still compulsory military service in Germany. That meant: Either a young man went to the German Armed Forces for a year or more and played war – or helped other people in community service. My choice fell on the subsequent community service, because I use(d) weapons only on stage or in the film, but not in real life.

Community service has shown me another side of society that is less of a consideration at a young age: aging with its concomitants and diseases or disabilities that people can meet at any time.

During the 15 months of my service in the cities of Leverkusen and Munich I gained experience in the care of the elderly and disabled and met people of all ages and social backgrounds. It changed my view of life totally and made me more sensitive to the more serious issues of life.

At the time, I could not imagine working in the main job in social work because I pursued different goals for my professional life. But I knew that in the future I would continue to be involved in the social sphere: as a volunteer or financial supporter.

In the course of time, I helped, among others, the Münchner Tafel as a volunteer and as a donator. My other volunteer engagements today also include assignments in youth social work at elementary schools in the Munich district and the financial support of further projects and facilities.

Berry Sheqerolli as Volunteer at Münchner Tafel

I believe that we should help our fellow human beings of all backgrounds, animals and nature if we are physically fit or financially capable of doing so. My motivation is simple: it’s about karma and about preserving and improving this planet for future generations.

I know that I’m just a drop in the bucket – But many of us can make a difference. It’s our planet, it’s our home. Let’s go for it!

You want to help too? Here are further links to German Organizations:

Münchner Tafel e.V. (German)

Tiertafel München e.V. (German)

List of Organizations with German DZI Seal (German)

Berry Sheqerolli & Art

Art is in the eye of the beholder ;-)

Ich ❤︎ Art!

I love being creative.

I love playing.

I love singing.

I love paint.

I love music.

I love photography.

I love the freedom of expression.

Berry Sheqerolli Streetart

Selection of Art Projects and Works:

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