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Berry Sheqerolli, born in 1975 in Leverkusen (Germany), is an entrepreneur and CEO of the online marketing startup INMINGA.
He lives with his family in Munich, dedicates himself to social projects and is artistically committed.

Berry Sheqerolli
  • 1991-1995 Radio, Event Management, Marketing

    Over 25 years ago

    During his school years, Berry Sheqerolli hosted a youth show on the local radio and founded his first business in event management at the age of 18 in 1993. He held national hip hop concerts and techno events and promoted them via radio and advertising in print media.

  • 1996-1998 Business, Sales & Marketing

    Over 20 years ago

    After completing his 'A' levels (Fachhochschulreife) at the grammar school (Gymnasium) and the subsequent community service he moved from Dusseldorf to his new hometown Munich. He worked weekends at his own events and weekdays only as an intern, then as a sales clerk and later as a sales and marketing assistant, before he decided to start a rock-solid commercial training as an industrial management assistant.

  • 1999-2005 Business Administration Studies, Web Design and Online Marketing

    Almost 20 years ago

    During his commercial training, he still held electronic music events with his team. In 1999 the first websites for events followed and in 2000, Berry Sheqerolli launched his first online promotion for a major event in Berlin. After completing his training in 2001, Berry increasingly concentrated on his commercial career, worked in sales and key account management, and furthered his knowledge in web design and online marketing. In the meantime he studied business administration and marketing in Munich for several semesters, then abandoned his studies and also finished his activity in event management and henceforth focused on sales and online marketing.

  • 2006-2007 Foundation of the online marketing agency

    Over 10 years ago

    In 2006, Berry founded an online marketing agency (predecessor of INMINGA) as a single contractor specialising in search engine marketing, web design and email marketing. Initially for his own affiliated projects, then the first business customers followed shortly thereafter. In 2007, he then received an offer to work for a global technology company in sales where he could obtain international experience.

  • 2008–2015 Career in startups and global companies

    Almost 10 years ago

    Between 2008 and 2009, parallel to his own online marketing agency (today: INMINGA), Berry worked in the areas of sales and search engine marketing for an American online marketing group. From 2009 to 2010, as head of sales, he expanded the B2B and online marketing sales for a Hamburg-based startup, and at this time developed a successful iPhone app. Afterwards from 2011 to 2012, he developed the Munich location for a Berlin online marketing startup and then added services in the field of display marketing and retargeting to his own online marketing agency. In 2012, Berry was acquired by a further American NASDAQ group as senior online marketing consultant with a focus on Google search engine advertising. He also developed a SEO product for that company to market maturity between 2012 and 2015 and advised major clients and SMEs in various issues concerning online marketing.

  • 2015 Renaming of the online marketing startup into INMINGA

    In the recent years

    In the summer of 2015 Berry Sheqerolli renamed his online marketing company into INMINGA, with the objective of creating a transparent and fast acting online marketing agency, which could satisfy the most important digital needs of companies and could also be active worldwide through partnerships.

  • Today

    Here and today

    Today, Berry Sheqerolli supports business customers with the company INMINGA and his team in various fields of online marketing and passes on his long experience in seminars to entrepreneurs and those interested in online marketing.

Business Focus

Fields of activity

Business Management

Consulting / Coaching


Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEA)






SME´s and groups

Family man, volunteer, artist

Berry Sheqerolli enjoys life with his family and his Labrador in Munich.
He works as a volunteer for vulnerable people and also in the field of child and youth social work.
Music, painting, photography and acting demonstrate his artistic temperament.

Photos and insights

Berry Sheqerolli private picture Munich Germany

Berry Sheqerolli as a volunteer at Muenchner Tafel

Berry Sheqerolli as a volunteer in the child and youth social work

Berry Sheqerolli with his labrador helping children

Berry Sheqerolli as an actor backstage in the mask

Berry Sheqerolli as an actor film green screen chromakey set

Berry Sheqerolli as a singer and songwriter unplugged on the stage

Berry Sheqerolli as an actor in the theater on the stage

Berry Sheqerolli and his labrador

Berry Sheqerolli at the beach


Berry Sheqerolli
Zeppelinstr. 73
81669 Munich / Germany

  • +49-89-124148640
  • mail [@] sheqerolli [.] com

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